How to Play Chords

Playing chords is one of the greatest challenges to the beginning guitar player. Getting all of your fingers to work together to form a chord in which all the notes sound clearly takes practice and patience. It helps to start with an easy chord such as the G major or the D major. If the guitar feels too big for the reach of your fretting hand try using a capo up the neck, this will allow you to work in a position where the frets are closer together and easier to reach. After you have succeeded in making one chord … Continue reading How to Play Chords

Beginning Fretting Hand Techniques

The fretting hand moves along the neck pushing down the strings against the frets to make the desired notes. To make a note, push down on a string behind any fret. Move the finger as close to the fret as possible without being on top of the fret. This will give the clearest note with the least amount of pressure. Be sure to let each finger take a turn fretting notes on each string. In the beginning you may find that some fingers are easier to control than others. Over time each finger will become more responsive. You can spend … Continue reading Beginning Fretting Hand Techniques